• UMAMI Changes the World|Keisuke Matsushima|No.1

    Keisuke Matsushima is a Japanese chef who specializes in French food. In 2002, he opened a restaurant in Nice and which has become beloved by the locals for 16 years. The longer he has lived abroad the more he has reconsidered Japanese food culture and discovered new things about it. Umami is one of them. He believes that umami, which nowadays is recognized among foreign chefs, has the power to change the world. 2002年、南仏ニースにレストランを構えて16年。今では地元の人々に愛されるフレンチ日本人シェフとなった松島啓介氏。海外生活が長くなるに連れ、自国日本の食文化を見つめ直し、新しい気づきも増えてきました。その一つが旨み。今やUMAMIとして外国人シェフの間でも認知されるようになった味覚に、松嶋シェフは世界を変える力があると語ります。