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Speaking of winter in England, roasted chestnuts stalls stand here and there in the city, and the roasted aromas excite people’s hearts. Also “mulled wine (or hot wine)” stands you see at Christmas markets and at various winter season events could be said as one of the British winter traditions. Yashin Ocean House, a luxury Japanese restaurant, popular among London gourmets, draws inspiration from this mulled wine to create a warm gin cocktail using a Japanese craft gin "ROKU" and brown rice tea or known as Genmaicha tea.

Craft Gin ROKU from Japan Maximizes the Cocktail Balance

Yashin Ocean House has a reputation for its creative cocktail menu, always with full of seasonality, such as matcha in early spring with fresh green scent and liqueur of chestnut in the fall. “On the winter menu, we listed cocktails arranging mulled wine using ROKU. I tried to make the cocktail with various gins, of course British gin as well, but the balance of the cocktail using ROKU was just exceptional,” says Mr. Raku Oda, the head sommelier of the restaurant. “I could say that ROKU enhances the performance of the cocktail by integrating the various elements.” The reason why London's bar specialists, including Mr. Oda, is so enthusiastic about ROKU, is the delicate Japanese flavor created by six types of Japanese botanicals (sakura flower, sakura leaf, sencha tea, gyokuro tea, sansho pepper, and yuzu peel). A complex flavour of ROKU is an essential characteristic where each botanical is harvested in right time of the season and distilled by a process that features its individuality. It brings out each other without disturbing the taste of the ingredients to make the cocktail.

A Japanese Cocktail Created with Cold and Smooth Yuzu Espuma Foam and Warm Genmaicha Tea

“This is a warm cocktail made of ginger, lemon, lime, and pink grapefruit zest lightly infused to ROKU with warm Genmaicha tea. Top a glass with cold yuzu espuma foam and finely shredded green shiso leaves. The aroma of shiso leaves spreads out gently when you drink. I want people to enjoy the warm tea-based ROKU cocktail in the mouth with the cold yuzu foam,” says Mr. Oda. Sharp taste of ginger, which was grinded with pestle; gentle sweetness and bitterness of grapefruit zest; and the freshness of lemon and lime citrus are delicately mixed to make the infused ROKU. Aside refreshing, it also gives comfortable warmth with the topped cold yuzu foam and little smokiness of Genmaicha tea that spreads behind. Not only the cocktail flavour, but also the aroma and the texture of various temperatures are wonderfully integrating, it can be said as a creative cocktail of “harmony.”

Mulled Roku recipe

ROKU                 35ml
Sugar syrup         10ml
Genmaicha tea    80ml

Infuse with ginger, lemon, lime, and pink grapefruit.
Mix egg white, yuzushu (yuzu liqueur), and yuzu squeezed juice to make yuzu espuma foam.
Serve in warm Genmaicha tea cocktail, topped with yuzu espuma foam and garnish with sliced shiso leaves.

Marriage of Genmaicha Tea Cocktail and Crab California Roll

 “Gin cocktails are often thought of as aperitifs, but our original ROKU warm cocktail for this winter is perfect for before, during, and after a meal. Because the cocktail is warm, we thought it would go better with something cooked unlike raw fish as sashimi therefore paired with crab California rolls," said Mr. Oda. Topped with crab meat instead of salmon and rolled with cucumber and avocado, and rice on the outside. The creaminess of crab and avocado with cream sauce matches well with the yuzu espuma foam, and the lemon and lime infused into the gin bring out the freshness of the crispy cucumber. Serving as a warm cocktail, the softness and gentleness of ROKU further spread out, making the marriage of the cocktail and sushi rice to higher quality.

On the bar menu, it says “Pair of Mulled ROKU.” “We serve two cups for one. We want people to enjoy the warm cocktail with close friends.” Together with such a mod setting, Mulled ROKU has become popular since it is on the list. London gets dark already by 4:00 pm, and the weather becomes colder and colder. For sure this Genmaicha tea cocktail makes your body and heart warm.

Yashin Ocean House

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Photographs by Shu TOMIOKA  Text by Yuka HASEGAWA

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