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Craft gin is creating a huge boom around the world. Even in the UK bars, gin cocktails have gained particular attention, and high quality so-called “craft tonic” for gin and tonic has come to the center of attention, and trends surrounding gin have been created one after another. A recent topic is “flavoured gin,” which is made by gin infused with fruits. At Dinings SW3, a high-end Japanese restaurant popular among local gourmets, an impressive bright rose-coloured homemade flavoured gin “Sloe Gin” based on Suntory's craft-gin ROKU has been on-listed to the winter menu as Sloe Gin & Tonic; and they are getting good reviews.

Carefully Made Craft-Gin ROKU Using Unique Japanese Botanicals

Since its arrival in the UK in 2018, craft-gin ROKU from Japan has established its status at stylish bars in London as well as shops selling fancy spirits. The reason why mixologists and spirits specialists in London are so passionate about ROKU's delicate and complex Japanese flavours is that they use six unique botanicals (sakura flower, sakura leaf, sencha tea, gyokuro tea, sansho pepper, and yuzu peel). “Four seasons in Japan” is well expressed in the gin by harvesting all botanicals during the right season and distilled using a manufacturing method that emphasizes the characteristics of each. In addition, six types of botanicals are engraved on each side of the elegant hexahedral bottle design and embodies the beauty of Japan.

"What makes ROKU so special is its sophisticated simplicity and unique flavour. ROKU is well balanced and versatile to match with any cocktail," says the bartender Steve Lawson

Simple and Sharpened Taste Becomes Special Gin and Tonic with a Delicate Fruit Flavour of Sloe Gin

Sloe Gin is a liqueur made by soaking sloe berries (a kind of western plum) in distilled liquor, such as gin. Sloe berries are often grown in English home gardens, and sloe gin made from slow berries is widely known as home-grown fruit liquor. Maybe equivalent to plum liquor (umeshu) in Japan. Sloe gin made by sloe berries picked in the autumn and pickled at the kitchen is a classically enjoyed drink for English families at Christmas.

"We decided to use ROKU as a base to make Dinings original Sloe Gin with sloe berries harvested last fall. The delicate taste of ROKU highlights the fine sweetness of sloe berries. When I thought of the cocktail which can enjoy at the fullest of homemade Sloe Gin, it was gin and tonic using ROKU’s clean flavour,” says Mr. Lawson. Pour Mr. Lawson's recommended craft tonic water, London Essence into the bright and zesty red sloe gin, with a garnish of lemon zest. Berry's delicate sweetness spreads out hierarchically in a clear, sharp and simple body with unnecessary things scraped off. Sprinkle the spices for exotic and warm aromas, such as ginger, cinnamon, fennel, nutmeg, cloves, etc. on the ice to complete the ultimate Sloe Gin & Tonic.

*Sloe Gin & Tonic Recipe
Homemade Sloe Gin made with ROKU base 50ml
London Essence Tonic Water
*use lemon zest for garnish and sprinkle spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon for aroma

Marriage of Buckwheat Rice Risotto and Wild Mushrooms Topped with Black Truffles

Gin cocktails, especially gin and tonics, have a strong image of aperitif, but ROKU has a reputation for being compatible with Japanese food because of it has solid, unique Japanese botanicals. What Dinings SW3 executive chef Masaki Sugisaki has paired with Sloe Gin & Tonic is buckwheat risotto using plenty of wild mushrooms such as French Chanterelle mushrooms and English Maitake mushrooms. "This is a pairing which complements each other with the richness of the wild mushrooms grilled for a short time in a special hot oven and the earthy flavour of sloe gin, coming from the sloe berries," says Mr. Sugisaki. It is not a simple risotto; buckwheat rice is cooked with soy milk cheese from Japan, and European mushrooms and black truffles are affluently topped. This is a creative dish that reflects the unique style of Dinings SW3. It is a matching of Japanese-style risotto with combination of thick mushrooms and lightness of soy milk cheese and Sloe Gin & Tonic with a refreshing and light taste of lemon using ROKU that gives a unique volume and density. This winter, I'm assured that the gourmets of London, who are Japanese foodie, will fall in love with the pairing.

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Photographs by Shu TOMIOKA Text by Yuka HASEGAWA

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