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With recent craft-gin boom as a tail wind, bars at traditional hotels in town and edgy independent bars in London are experiencing its best time. Additionally, restaurants with bars using up-and-coming mixologists are opened one after another and pairing cocktails and food are becoming hot. Yashin Ocean House, a posh Japanese restaurant which is popular among local gourmet introduces original Alexander “Autumnal Harvest” cocktail using Japanese premium craft gin ROKU and marron liqueur to their new autumn menu to pair with dessert.

ROKU Cocktails to Enjoy During Meals

Located on South Kensington, London, a Japanese restaurant Yashin Ocean House started to put another original cocktail using ROKU on their menu from this spring.  Usually gin is flavoured with botanicals such as juniper berries, herbs, and spices, but ROKU uses six Japanese unique ingredients (sakura flower, sakura leaf, sencha tea, gyokuro tea, sansho pepper, and yuzu peel).  “Compared to traditional English gin, ROKU has lesser juniper-berry flavour.  ROKU is a good gin which has a fine taste with good balance,” says Mr. Raku Oda, the head sommelier at Yashin.  Gin is more known for aperitifs such as gin & tonic and martini, but the restaurant suggests new style of enjoyment drinking gin cocktail during meals.  And this autumn, recommendation is pairing dessert and a cocktail using ROKU which delicate flavour is its feature.

Dessert-like “Eating” Cocktail. What is ROKU based Special Alexander?

"I tried to make gin cocktail using chestnut and fig, imagining Japanese autumn,” says Mr. Oda.  He added little bit of Yashin Ocean House style’s creativity to Alexander, a gin-based short cocktail mixed with crème de cacao liqueur and fresh cream which is popular among women with elegant sweetness.  Instead of crème de cacao, marron liqueur is used to make original “ROKU Alexander.”  Place fig compote into a glass and pour ROKU Alexander and just enjoy.  What a classy new cocktail.  “Fig has been slightly vacuum cooked with port wine and cinnamon to leave freshness than compote.  When Alexander is poured onto the glass, first, drink as usual, but later, I want you to enjoy the cocktail which has more fig taste once mixed and blended.  It is ‘eating’ cocktail, just like dessert,” says Mr. Oda.  The cocktail has been named as “Autumnal Harvest.”  He also commented, “I tried to make it richer in aroma by raising alcohol content… ready for chilly autumn.”  ROKU’s main feature is its delicate taste which does not affect the taste of ingredients to make cocktails.  ROKU adds spice gently to the taste of fig and chestnut.

Yashin Ocean House Special Alexander “Autumnal Harvest”

ROKU 25ml
Marron liqueur 25ml
Double cream 15ml
Place fig and port wine compote on a glass and pour special Alexander at the table.
*Garnish: Dried fig slice and mint

Great Pairing of Soy Brulee and ROKU Cocktail which Fullness of Marron Liqueur Spreads Out Fluffily

ROKU which has quite firm Japanese unique botanicals is renowned to pair with many different types of Japanese food.  This time, Mr. Oda paired surprisingly with dessert.He is suggesting dessert time to be enjoyable with special Alexander containing fig to serve together with one of their specialitè, soy brulee and yogurt ice cream.  “Creamy brulee goes along well with rich taste of cocktail.  Also, aroma of caramelized brulee and crispness add pleasing texture to the pairing,” says Mr. Oda.  Harmony of soy brulee with Japanese essence and ROKU with Japanese botanicals is a feature of this pairing.  Moreover, yogurt ice cream adds freshness to this dish.  Not only aperitifs, but gin cocktails could be enjoyed during meals and even enrichen the flavour of desserts.  “I could say that ROKU is gin with many drawers,” sited Mr. Oda.  He said the concept for this original Alexander is “drinking” Mont Blanc with fig flavour.  Fun-spirited original Alexander is the excellent piece of gin cocktail made by ROKU where you can feel the potential of gin cocktails.

Yashin Ocean House

Yashin Ocean House

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Photographs by Shu Tomioka  Text by Yuka Hasegawa

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