The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ official taste hunter reveals his favorite Japanese food

FOOD PORT. starts this new interview column. The first interview is with Mr. Lennard Yeong who has studied Mechanical Engineering at UCLA and was once an engineer. He is now one of the most prominent chefs as well as an influencer in Asia and has been a finalist for Master Chef Asia. He is also one of 15 official taste hunters chosen by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.
Despite his popularity (66.6K followers on his instagram) and fame he remains down to earth. His cooking based on his engineering background and personality continues to attract many people all over the world.
We asked him three questions regarding Japanese food.

What was your favorite dish during this trip to Japan?

It was Wanmono from Kyoaji.  First of all it is a delicious dish.  Kyo Aji`s Dashi is very nicely seasoned and quite smoky from Katsuobushi. Secondly, I really appreciate the skill involved in creating the simple things.  For example, Daikon in this soup is so thinly sliced and I thought they used a machine to cut it so thin but it was all done by hand. Thirdly, the story of dish is beautiful.  Many chefs often talk about seasonality with their food, but to see it come to life on a plate is breathtaking.  I also love the fact that Kaiseki is not just about the present and many dishes in Kaiseki will connect the past, present and future. This Wanmono foreshadows spring, which arrives after winter.

Name one Japanese ingredient you are interested in.

Matsutake.  It is a Japanese luxury.  It is as expensive as truffle, but it has a more delicate aroma than truffle.

What would you eat at your last supper?

I am Chinese Singaporian, so my comfort food is soup.  Pure Ichiban dashi is very mildly seasoned using salt etc. and you can get to know the chef who cooked it through its flavors.

更新: 2019年7月30日