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Craft gin boom which has its roots in England spread all over the world instantly beyond the sea. These days, gins got the eye from bars around the world. With this trend as boost, the gin-based cocktails are getting increasingly popular. Yashin Ocean House, a posh Japanese restaurant which is popular among London’s gourmet introduces original Negroni to their new summer menu using Japanese craft gin ROKU and pink grapefruit.

Japanese Premium Craft Gin ROKU A Topic of Up-and-Coming Mixologists

In early 19th century, England has produced fine taste “London Dry Gin,” based from Dutch distilled spirit.  Since Japanese-origin craft gin ROKU has landed to this gin mecca last year, it has received high reputation from London bar industry.  Gin tends to be flavoured with botanical/herbal spice and juniper berries, but ROKU uses six particular Japanese ingredients (sakura flower, sakura leaf, sencha tea, gyokuro tea, sansho pepper, yuzu peel).  At Yashin Ocean House, a high-end Japanese restaurant located at South Kensington a high-class residential district, started to serve original cocktail on their menu using ROKU from this spring.  ROKU cocktails go well together with Edo-style sushi and sashimi, their signature dish using local fresh seafood.  The cocktails could be drinking during the meal as well as aperitifs.

Special Negroni Focusing on “Sweet & Bitter” Taste Perfect for Summer

Mr. Raku Oda, the head sommelier at Yashin

ROKU’s special and original martini, Matcha Rokutini has been popular on their spring menu.  Following this, they are adding Negroni using fresh squeezed pink grapefruit on their summer menu.  Negroni is a world popular Italian cocktail made with dry gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. “Original recipes are all alcoholic base, and its percentage becomes too high and strong to drink in summer.  Instead of vermouth, we use squeezed pink grapefruit to lower the alcohol level to make it fresher and easier to drink.  It is important to have moderate amount of bitterness and sourness, and harmony with sweetness for the cocktails to serve in summer.  It is a cocktail which highlights the “sweet & bitterness” which comes from soft sweetness and unique bitterness of Campari together with sweetness and bitterness of natural citrus pink grapefruit,” says Mr. Raku Oda, the head sommelier at Yashin.  “ROKU which is characterized by delicate taste of traditional Japanese botanicals do not interfere with other ingredients but highlight each.”

Pink Grapefruit Negroni

ROKU 30ml
Campari  30ml
Fresh squeezed pink grapefruit  60ml
Syrup 1 teaspoon 
Mint 4-5 leaves
Orange bitter few drop
*Garnish with a dry grapefruit wheel and mint.  Use crushed ice.

Paring Citrus-ful Negroni with Salmon Sushi and Tosa Vinegar Jelly as a Topping

Mr. Shinya Ikeda, the head chef at Yashin

“Our sushi rice is unique, rich, and has depth in taste because we use red vinegar brewed from sake-kasu (the lees left over from sake production).  Pairing nigiri (hand-formed with original Negroni which is particular about clean acidity and sweet bitterness deepens the taste of sushi rice in your mouth,” says Mr. Shinya Ikeda, a head chef who looks over the kitchen and co-founder of Yashin.  Not only that, but fatty salmon directly shipped from Scotland is excellent and is the most popular menu in the restaurant.  Two types of toppings are served on nigiri -- Tosa vinegar jelly and ponzu jelly.  Citrus flavour of pink grapefruit of the cocktail stimulates appetite.  Moreover, Tosa vinegar jelly which has acidity and umami matches the cocktail and salmon to make perfect golden marriage.  Beautiful salmon nigiri on the special ordered tile made by volcano rock coloured in outstanding bright blue looks like jewelries.  And there, Negroni, served on crushed ice responds with coral pink and mint green.  Enjoy real nice summery pairing at Yashin Ocean House which has reputation from Londoners for its stylish presentation.

Yashin Ocean House

Yashin Ocean House

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+44 020 7373 3990
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Photographs by Shu Tomioka, Text by Yuka Hasegawa

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