Enjoy Spring in London with French Plum Liqueur Gin Cocktail|Suntory ROKU × Dinings SW3

These few years, aided by craft gin boom which is generating a buzz in UK , gin cocktails, such tradition-like of the country, Gin & Tonic, and lots of other gin cocktails with full of creativity are getting attention at London’s bar scenes. At high-end Japanese restaurant Dinings SW3 located near Harrods, the cocktail which reminds of spring flowers using Suntory’s Japanese craft gin ROKU and plum liqueur Prucia is popular.

Highly Praised by Mixologist. Delicate Craft Gin ROKU Using Unique Japanese Botanicals

Since landed in UK in 2018, where it’s a home territory and world-famous for London Dry Gin, Japan-origin craft gin ROKU has received high reputation.  Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink that is made of juniper berries along with botanicals such as herbs and spices infused, but ROKU uses six unique Japanese botanicals (sakura flower, sakura leaf, sencha tea, gyokuro tea, sansho pepper, yuzu peel).  Each botanical has been carefully harvested at the peak of its season and has been soaked in a way that matches each material and then distilled. ROKU, the premium gin which contains of the mild aroma of sakura (cherry blossoms) and yuzu (a small citrus fruit); and exquisiteness of teas and spicy flavor of sansho Japanese pepper, has become a popular topic of conversation between London mixologists.

“Prucia Sour,” a Gin Cocktail which Brings Out Feminine and Elegant Taste of ROKU

 “ROKU is a feminine gin which you can feel traditional Japanese botanicals such as sakura flowers and sakura leaves.  While having complicated flavor, the balance is great.  It is one of our favorite gins,” says Eleanor, the floor manager of Dinings SW3.  The restaurant is popular spot among locals where they can try sophisticated fusion sushi like adding fresh truffles to Japanese sea bass carpaccio and hamachi (young yellowtail) and tuna sushi topped with jalapeño mayonnaise.  Until now, the restaurant served two kinds of gin cocktails, but this spring, they added new ROKU cocktail using plum liqueur Prucia which is made of high-quality French plum and yuzu juice.  It becomes perfect cocktail harmonizing exquisite aroma and fruity taste of Prucia with elegant flavor of ROKU.  The graceful presentation such as not-too-sweet elegant pink look, meringue on the top, and using flower petal as a garnish, is a reason to be popular.

Prucia Sour recipe

Gin                                                  25ml
Prucia Plum Liqueur                       40ml
Hibiscus syrup5ml yuzu juice         5ml
Meringue                                        20ml

ROKU Cocktail Adds Spice to Delicate Texture and Taste of Black Cod

 “ROKU which has firm Japanese traditional botanical taste is easy to match with many Japanese dishes.  To pair with Prucia Sour, I recommend our signature dish, ‘Grilled black cod, apple & honey,’” says Eleanor.  Black cod marinated with saikyo-miso (Kyoto-style sweet miso) is quite seen at expensive Japanese restaurants overseas, but the restaurant marinates only with shio-koji (salted traditional condiment).  As a final touch, apple sweet pickles which looks like chopped ginger are on the side with apple and honey sauce.  “By marinate with shio-koji, the moisture is added to fish slices as well as extracting natural sweetness.  Soft fruity sourness of Prucia Sour and flavor of apple & honey match well.”  The way those botanicals are used, ROKU looks as if condensed four seasons of Japan.  Pink cocktail resembled of spring, and what kind of cocktail comes out in summer at Dining SW3.  Can’t wait for that.

Dinings SW3

Dinings SW3

Walton House, Lennox Gardens Mews, Walton St., London SW3 2JH
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Lunch 12:00-15:00, Dinner 18:00-22:30(Tuesday to Saturday),18:00-22:00(Sunday)

Photographs by Shu TOMIOKA  Text by Yuka HASEGAWA

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