Chef who Fell in Love with Guinea Fowl of Ishikuro Farm|THIERRY MARX|No.3

FOOD PORT. : What is the characteristic of guinea fowl of Ishikuro Farm?

THIERRY MARX  : I first met the guinea fowl at marché I joined in Iwate Prefecture.

I tasted a plate which producer handed me saying, please have some.

I myself was doing cooking classes at the marché. 

I carved and prepared the guinea fowl; therefore, I was able to notice its rich, firm, and dense meat texture as well as great fat.

It looked great when roasted thoroughly, and I found the charm of guinea fowl of Iwate Prefecture.

All parts, including chicken breasts and chicken legs, are brilliant, and I felt they are fed properly under incredible growing environment. 

I talked with Mr. Ishikuro and also visited his farm.

Visiting is very important because you could actually check with your eyes.

And I did not think the guinea fowls are grown in such a nice environment!

Mr. Ishikuro showed me around his farm.  Under a farm shack runs hot spring water, and he keeps only few guinea fowls in the big farm shack so there is enough space for them to move freely so they are muscular and healthy.

Feed was also made with mixture of various grains under Mr. Ishikuro’s blend.

Poultry growers do not seem to blend feed, and he is the person who produces great quality of guinea fowls not in mass production but instead, half volume.

FOOD PORT. : How did you cook?

THIERRY MARX  : I cooked simple.

I first boiled chicken breast together with vegetables. And then grilled simple with little oil and butter and at the end, finished with vegetable broth.

This broth contains essence of guinea fowl fat, so I just need to add pinch of salt and pepper to well-grilled meat surfaces, added raw beets at the end as a sauce to match with guinea fowl.

Why did I cook this way, is because when there is great ingredient, it is chef’s mission to serve a tasty dish. And it is important to serve close to the state of ingredient itself.



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Text by FOOD PORT.

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