Grapes of Sato the Authentic Vineyard Capturing Chef’s Heart|THIERRY MARX|No.2

FOOD PORT. : What made you come to Japan?

Thierry Marx : Judo was the reason I came to Japan 25 years ago.

I stayed only 3 to 4 days for Judo practice, just as stop over to Australia.

Therefore, I could not explore Japan fully, but this country made me so welcomed.

I always had in mind that I will definitely come back.

I don’t know why I felt that way, but I had confidence in me.

FOOD PORT. : What is your impression with grapes of Sato the Authentic Vineyard?

Thierry Marx : There are no grapes in France like Sato-san’s.

Grains of cabernet are small, and we do have big muscat grains but

nothing is bigger and tight like Sato-san’s grains.

FOOD PORT. : How did you cook them?

I used the grapes in two different ways for my dish.

I matched the fresh grapes with salé (something salty) and the raisins with sucre (something sweet).

On the other hand, I did not want to use the raisins like chestnuts for salé and fresh grapes for dessert.

Mackerel is perfectly rich-in-fat, and I wanted a little bit of sourness and freshness to it, so I chose fresh grapes.

First, I observed before giving ideas.

When I pressed the naturally and well-dried grapes with my two fingers, appealing freshness of the grapes still remained, so I thought I could cut them slightly and fill with chocolate ganache.

And I put the grapes on the chocolate-drawn-stems as if they were bunch of grapes.

The look is not that beautiful, but I think it is fun to eat bitter chocolate and extremely sweet grapes together.



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Text by FOOD PORT.

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