Kaneshime Fishery’s Mackerel which Captured Chef’s Heart|THIERRY MARX|No.1

FOOD PORT. : What did you think about the mackerel of Kaneshime Fishery?

Thierry Marx : We rarely see big mackerel in France
Usually ours weigh about 200 to 250 grams, and we hardly can fish big mackerel weighing 1 to 1.5kgs

Good thing about mackerel is that there are many ways of cooking and has variety of arranging with other ingredients
Best part I like is dorsal side, but I am also very interested with meat of belly and parts near tail fin

Mackerel is a popular fish in France, but in Japan, I think mackerel is kind of expensive fish

FOOD PORT. :Mackerel is not an expensive fish in Japan either…

Thierry Marx : Really?  I felt people in Japan care so much about freshness, I thought mackerel is expensive fish!
Difficult part of mackerel is how to maintain good quality and condition
In France, there is no other way than put it in the box to carry to Paris, and transportation system is not good

FOOD PORT. : How did you cook mackerel this time?

Thierry Marx : Interesting part upon cooking in Japan is to use apple vinegar to add bitterness to mackerel
I cooked really simple.
Mackerel is a simple fish, there is no need to add sauce
I grill the fish because it is beautiful oily fish, and then poeler from skin side, slowly cook until the skin becomes partially crispy
Pour the aged cidre vinegar and boil down together with fresh grapes from Sato the Authentic Vineyard

Mackerel meat soaks caramelized cidre and gives glossy look
Combination of sourness of cidre vinegar and fatty mackerel makes its texture so good

FOOD PORT. : How is the restaurant of Tokyo different from Paris?

Thierry Marx : At BISTRO MARX, we use Japanese ingredients to finish as French cuisine, such that we have strong relationship with Japanese local producers like we visited Iwate Prefecture this time
THIERRY MARX next to BISTRO MARX is innovative, high-end restaurant
Atsuko Koizumi, the chef who worked with me for ten years in France, knows my feelings toward ingredients and how to use them
She is aware of how not to mix things up and adds modernity there
Flavor you can experience in Tokyo is what you cannot find in Paris because ingredients are different



7F GINZA PLACE 5-8-1 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo
11:30~15:00, 18:00~22:00

Text by FOOD PORT.

更新: 2019年2月28日