Japanese Vegetables Assist Chef Who Draws Pictures on Plates|Heinz Beck|No.3

Painter was What Chef Wanted to Become

Mr. Heinz Beck, an Italian chef kept describing what is great about Japanese vegetables in his articles No. 1 and 2.  To conclude the series of his articles, this time Mr. Heinz cooked a main course of dove.

“After baking a dove perfectly in an oven, grilled small onions, herbs, and just a little of black currant were added. I recommend having it with Italian wine Brunello di Montalcino. You will feel like spending your vacation in beautiful Toscana,” he guaranteed.  Not only aroma just coming out from the oven, but also the splendid presentation of the dish fascinated me even more.  I sighed, “It’s like I’m looking at an incredible view.” Then he told me, “To be honest, I wanted to become a painter. Unfortunately, my parents were opposed to it. So, I now draw pictures on plates instead of canvas.”

Taking out a smart phone, he showed many photographs of his paintings. His drawing skills put a professional painter to shame.  This shows that the chef is not a mere cook but a genuine artist.

Japanese Vegetables Are as Beautiful as Paint

“Are there enough ‘colors of paint’ in Japanese vegetables for you to draw pictures?” asked him. “There is every possible kind of vegetables throughout the year in Japan and what’s more, they are as beautiful, healthy and high quality as fishes are. For a chef, Japan is a perfect country,” he answered.

Another Japan Fascinating the Chef

Mr. Heinz is so in love with Japanese ingredients. Yet his love is not only for ingredients but also for other aspects of “Japan.”  They are his cooking uniform design inspired by a suit for judo practice and a method of tying a hakama band for men’s kimono. He was in fact advised by a Japanese designer Junko Koshino, “You look much smarter with this knot.” Indeed, he showed putting a tie beautifully in the video. Mr. Heinz’ aesthetic sense as an artist might be understood with a spirit of dignity from Japanese martial arts and kimono. It gave us a glimpse of his dedicated spirit that he earnestly works through cooking every day.



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