Unveiled! The New Fish Market, Toyosu|Travelling Sushi Chef Yoshi Talks of “The Heart of Sushi”

Sushi chef Yoshi of Matsunozushi. His work place is all around the globe. “Sushi is not just a slice of fish on rice” Yoshi talks about his art.

The anticipated move from Tukiji to Toyosu

As some of you may know, the much loved fish market in Tukiji closed its doors and a new fish market opened in Toyosu, October 10, 2018. The move was widely covered by the media. Many Japanese people watched on TV and other media outlets the 3 day move. The unique little trucks that zip around the market called turret trucks, all moving to the new market on public roads (2600 trucks in a row!) was an amazing sight. Since all fish transaction in Tukiji stopped for 3 days, many restaurants and fish stores were affected. It shows how important this fish market is.

What’s changed? We’re all the same inside

The new Toyosu market is a huge 4 story building. It’s new and clean but lacks the atmosphere Tukiji had. On the first day, I was heading to the parking garage with an anxious feeling. Since no one was familiar with the new structure, there was a huge line to get in. When this “Tukiji” like incident happened.

A guy was hurrying to get to his car on the downward ramp with a big push cart full of boxes of fish. Just as he passed my car he lost his balance and the cart hit my car and the boxes tumbled to the ground. The fish were spilling out! Everyone from nearby cars came running, but no one payed attention to the guy or my car. They were all gathering to save the fish! We all picked up the fish gently, put them back in the boxes and loaded the cart. The guy just called out “sorry!” and went on his way, pushing the cart with a little more caution this time. We all got back in our cars. The guy must have had customers to get his fish to.

The new market is so huge, it’s hard to figure out where everything is. Once you start walking around, it’s hard to get back to your own car! But even if the building is different, the people inside the market are all the same from when it was at Tukiji. We say hi to familiar faces and try to help each other out. I think I’ve had conversations and made new friends at Toyosu with people I would have just passed when I was at Tukiji.

‘Toyosu’ brand, we are the ones to make it

The atmosphere has changed with the move, but the fish market will always be a loud and lively place. That is my first impression of the new Toyosu market. Not only did the things and people move, but the history of Tujkiji has moved too. It’s like the neighborhood interaction that existed in Tukiji has just moved into a new building. It even feels like the move has bought us closer together. The most important part of the market is us, the people.

For now, everyone has a lot to say about what’s wrong with the new market, but once we’ve all settled down and we stop getting lost, I’m sure there will be less complaints.

I first went to Tukiji as a little boy with my father 30 years ago. I’m 39 years old now so I’ll probably end up going to Toyosu longer than Tukiji. Tukiji market and its history was made by the senior generation who came before me. Toyosu’s new history will be made by my generation. I feel the responsibility of carrying on the traditions of Tukiji and making the Toyosu brand as recognizable and world famous as Tukiji was.

Yoshinori Tezuka

Yoshinori Tezuka

From an early age, Yoshi accompanied his father to the fish market and was acquainted with the various fish used in sushi. After graduating from Keio university faculty of business, with a year spent in Stanford University as an exchange student, Yoshi decided to leave the sushi world and Japan to experience the world and learn more about hospitality. He became a professional ski guide and guided tours at over 100 ski slopes around the globe and guided tours not only of skiing but world cruises and wineries. With his experience as a tour guide, Yoshi is committed to introducing Sushi and Japanese culture around the globe. His lecture “ Enjoy Sushi with Five Senses” is very popular.



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