The Hokkaido Scallop which Amazes Foreign Guests|Steffan Heerdt<New York Grill & Bar> No.2

“Hokkaido scallops delivered from Tsukiji Fish Market is chewy like steak,” without hiding any surprise, says Steffan Heerdt, Chef de Cuisine of New York Grill & Bar, the main dining of Park Hyatt Tokyo. He favored the Hokkaido kombu in the previous article from My Favorite Japan, and for this second article, he chose another ingredient from Hokkaido. Only less than two years of his stay in Japan, it seems like the head chef fell in love with the seafood from the cold seawater full of minerals in Hokkaido.

The chef says the best way to bring out the scallop’s natural flavor is through ‘simple cooking.’ Simply sautée the scallop with kombu butter and finish it off with capers, lemon, and parsley. The volume and thickness of puffed scallop on the frying pan looks really rich. What makes the scallop’s umami come out is the kombu-blended homemade butter.  He is particular that the butter must come from Hokkaido. The smell of the sea arose from the seared scallop  and hit my nose and stimulated my appetite more.

Steffan and his team, want to serve experiences to guests from different nationalities who come to New York Grill & Bar every day to try Japanese ingredients.  “Would you like to try Hokkaido scallops?” “Japanese beef is our recommendation.” They enthusiastically introduce Japanese ingredients to foreign guests. While staying in Japan, the team wants the guests to enjoy top-class food the recommended way at New York Grill & Bar.

Steffan says he wants to stay in Japan for as long as possible as a chef and discover more local ingredients. I think it is possible to travel in Japan where the land is fairly small and has a good transportation system. What kind of “Japan” can he discover next, and what will he cook? …The chef’s expectations never falter.

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