Story of Tuna|Travelling Sushi Chef Yoshi Talks of “The Heart of Sushi”

Sushi chef Yoshi of Matsunozushi. His work place is all around the globe. “Sushi is not just a slice of fish on rice” Yoshi talks about his art.

 Toro, the fatty meat of tuna is a favorite among many. People around the world love toro sushi. It may be surprising to most that toro was not served regularly until the 1960s. Before the development of modern transportation technology and proper refrigeration and freezing, it was difficult to keep the fragile toro fresh. Red meat marinated in soy sauce was far more popular back then. 

 At Matsunozushi, we mainly use Japanese blue fin tuna. Our guests can enjoy the difference of taste according to the seasons and the place the tuna was caught. When we choose frozen tuna we only select tuna caught on Japanese ships. Japanese ships are superior in their techniques of freezing tuna. The innards are removed immediately and the whole fish is flash frozen. The quality of the meat is very high. Moreover compared to fresh tuna, the price is relatively stable. 

 It might be a little known fact that the processing of tuna involves many different professionals.  The fishermen are pros at catching the tuna. They know exactly when and where tunas can be caught. When I experienced tuna fishing on an actual tuna boat, it felt like the fishermen were having a conversation with the tunas. They are also pros at the initial processing of the tuna too. The broker looks at the whole fish and can tell the quality of the meat. In fact, because the sushi chef does not usually look at the whole fish, we cannot tell the quality of the tuna by looking at the fish. So the price of the tuna is determined by the broker by auction. The sushi chef looks at the carved fish and decides when and how to best serve the tuna. Sometimes the tuna needs to be aged for a while, and there are many ways to cut and serve tuna. We sushi chefs determine the best possible way to serve the tuna to our guests. 

 Although tuna is a large fish, the meat is very delicate. The way the fish is caught can affect the taste. When the tuna is laid down on the ground in the market, the massive tuna’s weight ( can be more than 200kg) can even crush the lower flesh. 

Tuna travels from ocean to port, market to sushi counter. Every step involves a professional. It will be an honor if you can picture it’s journey next time you taste a tuna sushi. 

|Yoshinori Tezuka

|Yoshinori Tezuka

From an early age, Yoshi accompanied his father to the fish market and was acquainted with the various fish used in sushi. After graduating from Keio university faculty of business, with a year spent in Stanford University as an exchange student, Yoshi decided to leave the sushi world and Japan to experience the world and learn more about hospitality. He became a professional ski guide and guided tours at over 100 ski slopes around the globe and guided tours not only of skiing but world cruises and wineries. With his experience as a tour guide, Yoshi is committed to introducing Sushi and Japanese culture around the globe. His lecture “ Enjoy Sushi with Five Senses” is very popular.


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