The Hokkaido Kombu that Broadens the Depth of Cuisine|Steffan Heerdt<New York Grill & Bar> No.1

In 1994 Park Hyatt Tokyo penetrated the Japanese hotel market as the leading foreign-affiliated high-end hotel. The hotel's signature restaurant, New York Grill & Bar, will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary. The restaurant has gained popularity amongst guests from home and abroad since its opening, with its great location overlooking all of Tokyo.

Steffan Heerdt from Germany is the current head chef. He used to help his grandmother on her farm, and he started to consider becoming a chef when he was 16 years old. In 2003, he joined the Hyatt group, and after gaining experience as the head chef at the restaurants of Park Hyatt in Zurich and Seoul, he was designated as the Chef de Cuisine of New York Grill & Bar in December 2016. Since then he has been working hard with over 20 members of staff to serve lunch and dinner every day.

Since he started aiming to be a chef he has always had an interest in Asia, especially Japan, where you can find top quality ingredients. Considering that it has been less than 2 years since he came to Japan, he has already visited a large number of suppliers and has seen with his own eyes where “the best ingredients” are produced.

Among the many Japanese ingredients in which he is attracted to, kombu (Japanese kelp seaweed) is his favorite. He did not even know of its existence before he came to Japan. He especially likes kombu grown in the cold seas near Hokkaido, where it is full of minerals.  He usually uses it for kobujime, which is a Japanese cooking method involving the wrapping of seafood such as hamachi (yellowtail) or Hokkaido-grown rich scallops, with kombu and leaving it overnight.

His dish is an appetizer called, “Kombu-aged Yellowtail Crudo, Marinated Daikon, Passion Fruit Yuzu Kosho, Coriander.” The pungency of the marinated radish, the tanginess of the passion fruit and the refreshing aroma from the coriander bring out the flavor of the hamachi which is already rich with umami.

Steffan says kombu has broadened the depth of his cuisine since he came to Japan. Next time, we are going to introduce his second favorite Japanese ingredient, scallops, where its umami is brought out by the kombu.

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