King of sushi, but every tuna is different|Travelling Sushi Chef Yoshi Talks of “The Heart of Sushi”

 The most popular sushi is definitely tuna.Not only Japanese guests, but foreign guests also always order tuna.For us sushi chefs, tuna is an important fish.It is not too much to say tuna determines the rank of the sushi restaurant.

 A little known fact is that tuna`s taste differ with the seasons and how it is caught.Because tuna is one of the few sushi that can be eaten year round, people assume the taste is always the same.In fact as I have said, this is far from the truth. How does this change in taste happen? Let me try to explain.

Japanese blue fin tuna swims around the Japanese Isles year round. From June to summer months they lay eggs around Okinawa and Kyushu. In the fall they swim northwards to feed on sanma (saury,a kind of mackerel popular in Japan) and squid. Sanma makes the tuna muscular and the squid, especially their innards gives them the rich fat. Then the tuna swims in the rough seas of northern Japan giving them plenty of exercise. This is why the tunas of northern Japan are big, firm, and fatty. The perfect combination for tasty tuna. The peak fishing season for these tuna is December. The Oma tuna are famous for the bidding war that drives their price to epic heights in the new year at Tukiji fish market. Then after January, the tunas start swimming southwards back towards Kyushu and Okinawa.

 These Tunas, because they swim in different climates and feed on different foods depending on the season, taste very different. Generally, the winter tuna caught in the north are firm and have rich flavored fat. on the other hand, summer tunas are light and fresh. But tunas caught in fixed nets at the same season in the Japanese sea has a highly fragrant and elegant taste.

 Gourmet guests will comment, "this tuna is summer taste" or "it's getting colder and the tuna is getting fattier" They are enjoying the changing season through the taste of tuna. Why not feel the season not just with your eyes but with sushi too? Another way to enjoy sushi.  

Yoshinori Tezuka

Yoshinori Tezuka

From an early age, Yoshi accompanied his father to the fish market and was acquainted with the various fish used in sushi. After graduating from Keio university faculty of business, with a year spent in Stanford University as an exchange student, Yoshi decided to leave the sushi world and Japan to experience the world and learn more about hospitality. He became a professional ski guide and guided tours at over 100 ski slopes around the globe and guided tours not only of skiing but world cruises and wineries. With his experience as a tour guide, Yoshi is committed to introducing Sushi and Japanese culture around the globe. His lecture “ Enjoy Sushi with Five Senses” is very popular.



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