Japanese skills to the world Through the cocktails

Daiki Kanetaka is a bartender who runs “D. Bespoke” in Beijing and Singapore, and “D. Classic” in Jakarta. He talks about his strong preference for creating the original cocktails using the Japanese products.


As the bar name “D. Bespoke” interprets, cocktails are all bespoken besides classic ones.  “We try to feel what kind of cocktail our customer wants to drink now and make the only one by using own experience and knowledge.”  That kind of Kanetaka style could be seen by just looking at the bar tools he uses.

 “The tool I use to make this cocktail is Magewappa (traditional bendwood craft) of Kanaami-Tsuji in Kyoto, handcrafted especially for my hand size.  I use when I make fruit cocktails.  Also, I use Kanaami-Tsuji’s strainer to strain the cocktail.  I think we should introduce more of Japanese traditional craft beautility at the bar scenes.  Also, this spirits (wapirits) named ‘TUMUGI’ is made by Sanwa Shurui, and this is typically Japanese spirits made by Japanese yeast, which we should announce more to the world.”

Another Japanese equipment he is fond of is “BIRDY.” cocktail tool.  Yokoyama Kogyo Co., Ltd.  who makes the automotive parts at Toyota city, a car-industrial home territory at Aichi Prefecture, used their polishing technique to make cocktail shakers and that’s how “Birdy.” was created.  A highly-technique craftsman polishes the inside of the shaker to a 0.1-micron level and that keeps the damage and stress out when the liquid and steel mix together thus adds cocktail mellowness.  Finishing of the polish is the handiwork done by Japanese skilled craftsman.

 “They respond more to the bartenders’ needs and that is why they have fans all over the world.  Moreover, using this tool to make the cocktail becomes one of the opportunities to let foreigners feel closer to great Japanese skills.”

Japanese craftsmen’s attachments are hiding behind Kanetaka’s cocktails. That is why his cocktails are remarkably beautiful.

カクテルを通じて 日本の技術を世界へ

店名の「D Bespoke」(大輝によるオーダーメイド)が物語るように、カクテルはクラシックなもの以外はすべてオーダーメイド。「お客様が今、飲みたいものを察知し、経験や知識を巡らせてぴったりのカクテルをお作りする。これは、とても日本的なサービススタイルだと思います」。そんな金高流スタイルは、道具のこだわりにも見て取れます。

「このカクテルメイキングで使っているのは、京都「金網つじ」の曲げわっぱを私の手の大きさに合わせて作っていただいたもの。果物のカクテルを作る時に使います。また、カクテルを濾すストレイナーも「金網つじ」の茶漉し。日本の伝統工芸の機能美をバーのシーンで活かすのも、我々がもっと行うべきことだと感じています。また、『TUMUGI』 というこのスピリッツ(和ピリッツ)は「三和酒類」によるもので、日本の麹を使った日本らしい個性がある、世界に発信しいていきたい日本のスピリッツです」




D. Bespoke

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更新: 2018年8月8日