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Customized Eringi

This is a third article on “My Favorite Japan” of Eneko Atza Azurmendi, a chef of “Azurmendi” and “ENEKO Tokyo” followed by first Tokyo and second Oblate articles.  Topic is eringi, which is produced specially by Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) of Nakano, a city in Nagano Prefecture known for producing top-class mushrooms in Japan.  How does he cook eringi which is one of the standard ingredients of Italian and French?

Eneko took the eringi in the kitchen.  The size is double than what we usually see at supermarkets.

 “I needed bigger size to cook Eringi Pasta, one of my spécialité menu, lined with ‘Lobster in Texture.’  Therefore, I asked JA of Nakano city to grow eringi to a size which I want.”

Eneko says that the ideal size of his eringi is 5 to 6cm in diameter and 15cm long.  In order to grow that big, farmers need to thin out while young, and grow spaciously.  By doing this, each eringi absorbs more nutrition and grows to tasteful eringi.  This is not productive way for the farmers because the number of harvesting decreases from same land, but they cooperate positively for the chef.

Eneko-customized eringi has been sliced thin and straight, and then finely shredded.  Amazingly he treated eringi as pasta and made carbonara speedily.  This is why eringi must be big -- it must be served as pasta.

Carbonara, high in calories, tends to be unfavored but low-calorie eringi pasta could be healthy and guilt-free.  Especially if the dish is finished by three-star chef, taste is real, and the presentation is beautiful.  Just like oblate stick, Eneko hides surprises on each dish.  His sense of humor has been hiding secretly in the carbonara too.



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