Classic Cocktail and Japan Proud Glassware

Daiki Kanetaka is a bartender who operates D.Bespoke in Beijing and Singapore, and D.Classic in Jakarta. He will here talk about classic cocktail, Manhattan and about Kimura Glass, the glassware brand which Japan is proud of.


Manhattan is one of the cocktails which Kanetaka makes most in ten years staying in overseas.  It is one of the tasty and appealing cocktails most loved by customers. “What an honor as a bartender if I was told, ‘When it comes to Manhattan, it’s Daiki,” expresses Kanetaka.

Making classic cocktails is like “homework” given from senior to junior bartenders.  Admitting that, juniors do not have to follow strictly its recipe, but create with free mind.  Kanetaka believes new history is made by innovations and expressions in successive periods, and he continues to make classic cocktails every day.

And here, the cocktail glasses which add spice to his beautiful cocktails are from Kimura Glass.

“Kimura Glass is the glassware brand which we should be proud.  The glasses carry both Japanese fragility and antique-glass looks.  The simple style brings up the taste of classic cocktails more.  I want to show the beauty of glasses, so I try not to put excess decoration.  I believe it is possible to tell Japanese beauty comes from simplicity even in foreign lands.  A representative series, such as super-thin lip tumblers and old-fashioned glasses which have Japanese artisanal sense, is said in the world as ‘can taste difference even drinking water.’ Moreover, difference is obvious with refreshing long cocktails like Gin and Tonic.  Also, most of the first customers fell in love with beautiful and sexy unique stems of cocktail glasses and wine glasses. Good that they handle bit carefully (lol).”

It is good time to show his skills using different glasses with different cocktails.  At D.Bespoke, you definitely want to enjoy his “combination of cocktail and glass.”



クラシックカクテル作りは、 先輩バーテンダーから後輩へと課される“宿題”。とはいえレシピに執着せず、自由な発想で作ればいい――時代ごとの変化や表現が新たな歴史を作ると、金高さんは日々クラシックカクテルに向き合っています。


「日本人の繊細さとアンティークグラスの雰囲気を合わせ持つ、日本が世界に誇るグラスウェアブランドです。そのシンプルな美しさがクラシックカクテルの味をより引き上げてくれます。私の方でも、グラスの美しさを表現したいので過度な装飾はなし。無駄を削ぎ落とした日本の美を、海外であっても表現してお客様に伝えることが可能だと考えています。 日本の職人的感覚が詰まった、飲み口が極薄のタンブラーやオールドファッションドグラスなどの代表的なシリーズは、「水を飲んでも味の違いがわかる」と世界に言わしめています。ジントニックなどのスッキリとしたロングカクテルでは違いが歴然。また、カクテルグラスやワイングラスでは、特徴的なステムの美しさとセクシーさで、初めてのお客様の大多数が感動し、多少の緊張感を持ってくださいますね(笑)」


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更新: 2018年6月19日