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Happy cheese which is made by goat milk grown under no-stress at great nature of Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture. What are the secrets to the gorgeous taste?

Y&Co. is a goat cheese specialty shop.   A cheese which is made by goat milk at “Kurobe Bokujo (Farm),” at halfway up a mountain on a mountainside of Kurobe, has been talked among gourmands.  Tomomi Yoshida looks after from the production to sales of the cheese.  First, we were astonished by this beautiful young lady who worked at dairy farm.  Yoshida originally went into music, but six years before, she moved from Kanagawa to Toyama prefectures to help her family making their dreams come true – “to produce cheese.”  She studied cheese making seriously in Italy.  Now, she is living with three staffs and 100 goats.

The farm is on a gentle slope, sunny and breezy.  The day we visited was still cold, and goats were all inside the stables, but the stable was very bright by the sunlight that comes in through the big windows and seemed goats were very comfortable.

Commercial animals which are grown with stress always run away from people.  Why? Because they are afraid of people.  And for sure, fear will influence the taste of milk and meat.  Compared to that, how about the goats living here.  They come closer innocently, as if they are smiling.  Yoshida says, “We take care of them as pets.”  They are loved by her and by great nature of Kurobe.  No wonder the goat milk produced here are so great.

Well, let us introduce the cheese.  “La Capra,” the semi-hard type takes 1-2 years of aging, but here it takes only 3-5 months and has full taste of glutamic acid.  Yoshida does not know why this happens, but she supposes goats have good chemistry with bacteria living on this land.  A seasonal spécialité, “Caprino SAKURA” has cherry blossoms’ petals and leaves kneaded and can smell sakura lightly from cheese.

Yoshida says when the number of goats increase and secure aging chamber, she wants to try long-aging cheese production.  What kind of aging cheese they will produce… can’t wait from now.



Text by Junko Miyagawa (Representative Director Chef, Educator of sence of tastes and cooking theory)

更新: 2018年6月12日