Bar that Japanese Traditional Beauty Reflects

Daiki Kanetaka -- a bartender who runs “D.Bespoke” in Beijing, Singapore, and “D.Classic” in Jakarta. When he arranged the delicate Japanese traditional beauty to meet the western bar culture, what was the chemistry.

Singapore’s traditional architecture has narrow frontage and deep corridor which is just like Kyoto’s traditional merchant’s houses, machiya.  The bar counter at D.Bespoke Singapore is long in depth resembling its character.  The metal-knitting lampshade which faintly lightens “Kanetaka’s stage” and ice-full of wooden champagne cooler fills up the solemn beauty.  When you look at the wall, you can see framed Nishijin-ori fabrics.  Japanese traditional crafts chosen by him are so well blended into the subtle bar atmosphere.  

“I want to produce more fields where Japanese bartenders can perform outside the country,” says Kanetaka who opened the bar in Beijing first and then in Singapore.  He opened up the bar in Jakarta this year, named D.Classic, and his thoughts are steadily achieving.  Kanetaka also wants “to introduce Japanese traditional crafts, out of Japan” and that has been perceived gradually.

GO ON” is the project which Kanetaka supports heir of Kyoto craftspeople.  “Hosoo” of Nishijin-ori, “Nakagawa Mokkougei Hirakoubou,” “Kaikado,” “Kanaami-Tsuji,” “Kohchosai Kosuga,” “Asahiyaki Pottery,” are important bearers of Japanese traditional craft culture which all has its long history.  GO ON went to foreign markets with flexible ideas never before and dispelled “old-fashioned” image of traditional crafts. GO ON collaborated with high brands – such as Christian Dior where Nishijin-ori textile decorated their boutique walls and the wooden bucket champagne coolers made exclusively for Dom Perignon.  Tin tea caddies gained fame from London.  Careful work done by Japanese craftsmen and exploration of beauty are something shared in common even in potteries and bamboo works.

This night, at Kanetaka’s bar, these crafts shine together with beautiful cocktails made by fine Japanese hands.  His Japan has been messaged out from Singapore, an international city, to not only to Asia, but to the West.




GO ON(ゴオン)は、金高さんが支持する京都の伝統工芸文化を担う後継者のユニット。西陣織の「細尾」「中川木工芸 比良工房」「開花堂」「金網つじ」「公長斎 小菅」「朝日焼」と、いずれも長い歴史の中で育まれてきた日本の伝統工芸品の担い手たちです。GO ONは、これまでになかった柔軟な発想で海を渡り、伝統工芸品の“古臭い”イメージを払拭してみせました。クリスチャン・ディオールのブティックの壁を飾る西陣織のテキスタイル。ドン ペリニヨンとのコラボレーションによる木桶のシャンパンクーラー。ロンドンで人気の火がついた茶筒。その他、焼き物にも竹細工にも、全てに共通するのは、日本人らしい丁寧な物作りと美の追求です。


D. Bespoke

D. Bespoke

2 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089816, Singapore
+65 8141 5741

更新: 2018年5月8日