• My Favorite Japan:Steffan Heerdt |私の好きな日本:ステファン・ヘアット No.2

    (英語のあとに日本語が続きます。) “Hokkaido scallops delivered from Tsukiji Fish Market is chewy like steak,” without hiding any surprise, says Steffan Heerdt, Chef de Cuisine of New York Grill & Bar, the main dining of Park Hyatt Tokyo. He favored the Hokkaido kombu in the previous article from My F

  • The Heart of Sushi:鮨の心|No.3

    The Heart of Sushi:鮨の心|No.3

    Sushi chef Yoshi of Matsunozushi. His work place is all around the globe. “Sushi is not just a slice of fish on rice” Yoshi talks about his art. アメリカ、ヨーロッパ、アジアと世界を飛びまわる鮨職人、「松乃鮨」のヨシさん。「鮨は刺身がご飯の上にのったものだけではない」というヨシさんが、鮨に込める職人の想いを語ります。

  • My Favorite Japan:Steffan Heerdt |私の好きな日本:ステファン・ヘアット No.1

    In 1994 Park Hyatt Tokyo penetrated the Japanese hotel market as the leading foreign-affiliated high-end hotel. The hotel's signature restaurant, New York Grill & Bar, will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary. The restaurant has gained popularity amongst guests from home and abroad since it

  • Scenery Where Rich Japan is Created:Tatehana Wharf Morning Market|美しい日本が生まれる風景:館鼻岸壁朝市

    Scenery Where Rich Japan is Created:Tatehana Wharf Morning Market|美しい日本が生まれる風景:館鼻岸壁朝市

    Japan, the island country which is slender and long, extending north to south. Small, but beautiful land with full of rich nature and blessed with pure water here and there. Delicious things have been developed from beautiful sceneries. In this series, we will introduce delectables originated from landscapes in Japan, which cannot be found in big cities. 南北に長細い島国、日本。国土は狭いけれど、豊かな自然と清い水がそこかしこにある美しい国です。そしてその美しい風景から、日本の美味しいものが育まれています。この連載では、大都会では見られない日本の原風景から生まれる美味しいものを紹介します。

  • My Favorite Japan:Daiki Kanetaka |私の好きな日本:金高大輝 No.3

    Daiki Kanetaka is a bartender who runs “D. Bespoke” in Beijing and Singapore, and “D. Classic” in Jakarta. He talks about his strong preference for creating the original cocktails using the Japanese products. 北京、シンガポールで「D.Bespoke」を、ジャカルタでは「D.Classic」を営むバーテンダー、金高大輝さん。日本のプロダクトを使ってオリジナルカクテルをクリエイトするこだわりについて語ります。

  • The Heart of Sushi:鮨の心|No.2

    The Heart of Sushi:鮨の心|No.2

    (英語のあとに日本語が続きます。)  The most popular sushi is definitely tuna.Not only Japanese guests, but foreign guests also always order tuna.For us sushi chefs, tuna is an important fish.It is not too much to say tuna determines the rank of the sushi restaurant.  A little known fact is that tuna

  • Scenery Where Rich Japan is Created:Yama-no-Gakko|美しい日本が生まれる風景:山の楽校

    Scenery Where Rich Japan is Created:Yama-no-Gakko|美しい日本が生まれる風景:山の楽校

    (英語のあとに日本語が続きます。) “Amazing…” Drip, drip….  Liquid dripped from the white hanging bag.  I sighed as soon as I licked the amber liquid.  This has a deep flavor.  There is no roughness comes from salty soy sauce. This is “sumashi.”&nbsp

  • My Favorite Japan:Keisuke Matsushima|私の好きな日本:松嶋啓介 No.3

    Why did I open the Sushi restaurant in Nice? Because I live in Nice for a long time Every morning, I often go to marché All over. For example, it could be marché in Nice, Or I go to marché near Italy Sometimes I receive calls directly from fish mongers or fisherme

  • My Favorite Japan:Eneko Atxa Azurmendi |私の好きな日本:エネコ・アチャ・アスルメンディ No.3

    (日本語が後に続きます) This is a third article on “My Favorite Japan” of Eneko Atza Azurmendi, a chef of “Azurmendi” and “ENEKO Tokyo” followed by first “Tokyo” and second “Oblate” articles.  Topic is eringi, which is produced specially by Ja

  • The Heart of Sushi:鮨の心|No.1

    The Heart of Sushi:鮨の心|No.1

    My name is Yoshinori Tezuka (YOSHI). I am a fourth generation sushi chef. In this article I would like to talk about sushi. It will probably take some time, but please bear with me. Before we dive into sushi, let me first introduce myself.